Tern OCL Frame Latch Kit Gen 2

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A Kit of parts to renew the items that wear with everyday use of the OCL type joint used on Tern Link and Verge models.  Sold without the lever.

Fits   Cargo Node MY16, Cargo Node MY17, Cargo Node MY18, Cargo Node MY19, Eclipse D16 MY17, Eclipse D16 MY18, Eclipse D16 MY19, Eclipse P18L MY16, Eclipse P20 MY16, Eclipse P20 MY17, Eclipse P20 MY18, Eclipse P20 MY19, Eclipse Tour MY16, Eclipse Tour MY17, Eclipse Uno MY16, Eclipse X22 MY16, Eclipse X22 MY17, Eclipse X22 MY18, Eclipse X22 MY19, Joe P27 MY16, Joe P27 MY17, Joe P27 MY18, Joe P27 MY19, Link D16 MY16, Link D16 MY17, Link D16 MY18, Link D7i MY16, Link D7i MY17, Link D7i MY18, Link D7i MY19, Link D8 MY16, Link D8 MY17, Link D8 MY18, Link D8 MY19, Link N8 MY16, Link N8 MY17, Link N8 MY18, Link N8 MY19, Node D16 MY16, Node D16 MY17, Node D7i MY16, Node D7i MY17, Node D7i MY18, Node D7i MY19, Node D8 MY16, Node D8 MY17, Node D8 MY18, Node D8 MY19, Swoop D7i MY16, Swoop D8 MY16, Vektron D8 MY18, Vektron D8 MY19, Vektron P7i MY19, Vektron P9 MY18, Vektron P9 MY19, Vektron Q9 MY19, Vektron S10 MY17, Vektron S10 MY18, Vektron S10 MY19, Verge D9 MY17, Verge D9 MY18, Verge D9 MY19, Verge N8 MY16, Verge N8 MY17

Pin Lengths approx 95mm, 60mm and the hex bar total length 65mm.   (This does not suit the early frame joints that have 2 bolts rather than the pin used on current models - they will not interchange as the frame is different - we do list the bolts for the earlier type) 


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