Forme Morley 2E (1 ELS) 45cm Frame x 26" Wheel

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 Built to inspire confidence. Equipped with smaller 26” wheels to make handling easy. Bosch power provides reliability and a smooth, well-tuned ride to cover more mileage with less time and effort.


If you’re looking for a comfortable, practical and fun cycling experience, the British designed Morley 2E (1ELS)  26" could open up more opportunity than you perhaps ever imagined with an ability to ride up to 60 miles on 1 single ride when fully charged.

The low step frame allows you to ride in any attire and mount or dismount the bike effortlessly. The 400WH Bosch battery is positioned in the centre of the bike on the seat tube to help achieve perfect weight distribution. This makes the ride feel even more stable for a smooth ride and controlled acceleration.

The lightweight aluminium frame of the Morley has a relaxed geometry with a high front and short reach. This helps to maintain a sit up posture, which relieves any pressure to the shoulders, hands or wrists. The frame’s upright position has further support with an extra comfortable shock absorbing saddle and fully adjustable handlebar step to help find the perfect riding position.

Equipped with market leading electric technology from the trusted global brand Bosch, the Active Line motor has a torque of 40nm, equivalent to 270% of your pedalling power you can tackle hills and head wind with ease. There are also 3 sensors specifically built into this sophisticated system which takes over 1000 readings per second to ensure your e-bike is working in tune with your requirements.





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