Dahon Body Bag Folding Bike Bag

Dahon Body Bag Folding Bike Bag

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We supply this bag with an extra 500mm x 30mm Velcro strap as we realised this bag had other uses than for the prime purpose for which it was intended. By this we mean that the intention was for it to be carried as a long package with just the folding bike seat lowered and the handlebars folded down. You can however put the bike into the bag in this condition, bring the two zip toggles to the centre - then just release the frame joint and fold around, this offers even better protection as you have two layers of padded bag sandwiched between the front and rear of the bike, then secure the extra velcro strap we supply across the bag to the 'sewn in' metal loops and this holds it all together. It can then be carried either from this same strap or using the padded shoulder strap provided. The bag has an internal pocket for small items like removeable pedals etc. The bag also includes a metal hook to hang on a door, shed or garage wall. We stress this bag is Superb quality, padded and heavy duty, and is not to be compared to the current Dahon bags for sale elsewhere - they have their uses and may even suit your need better. The Body Bag however is like the discontinued 'Dahon Stow Bags' in construction, now for sale under the 'Tern' brand name due to the company split. This bag is not of any use for daily commuters that get off the train and jump on their bikes, it's far too big, heavy and clumsy !! It is ideal for those of you want good protection in the car, train, motorhomes, boats etc that have somewhere to put the bag before you ride the bike. This is a very versatile bag and we are sure that it could be used to store many other things as well, it's design is for 20" wheel folding bikes, so with the exception perhaps of the Dahon Jetstream it should fit all the other Dahon 20" folding models of the last 8 years, all the similar Dahon licensed technology bikes, all folding 20" Tern's, Kansi's, dare we say Oyama and many more - if in doubt please ask first. Hang it vertically, off the back of a door Thin, flat package slides under beds, behind couches Bikes slide into the bag in seconds Padded design keeps the bikes well protected Made from rugged 1600 denier polyester Fits most 20” Dahon and other brand folding bikes

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