Dahon Biologic Blast Air Horn

Dahon Biologic Blast Air Horn

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When you're riding in traffic, sometimes a bell just isn't enough. So make yourself heard above the din with the BioLogic Blast airhorn, a safety airhorn that operates on compressed air and which can be refilled with any regular bicycle pump.

The Blast can produce up to 115 decibels of air-piercing sound to warn off motorists or make your presence known while cycling busy city streets. A quick release mount allows easy removal for use off the bike and prevention of theft.

Delivers up to 115 decibels of sound with fully adjustable volume control
Refillable with any regular bicycle pump
30-50 blasts from one charge
Weighs less than 100 g

Please note that the air is contained in a lightweight bottle shaped cylinder (not shown in the picture), which can be stored in a vacant bottle cage on your bike or attached to your frame with the ties provided. The Air bottle is partly protected with neoprene, and a neat flexible pipe connects the Bottle and Blast Horn together.   This is a very loud horn, for use on noisy traffic- laden streets.  Please do not use it to warn Pedestrians of your presence whilst riding on Canal towpaths, as they will jump out of their skin into the canal!


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