Emu Mini 16" Wheel Folding Bike Black with Larger 7aH Battery

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A lightweight folder which is practical to carry on a bus or train, yet with the wide 16" wheels and Shimano 3 speed Hub Gear also has some road comfort.

The stunning Emu Mini Electric Folding Bike is the perfect choice for both tough daily commutes or leisurely rides,  smooth pedalling and braking, and high durability.

Emu now have a choice of battery types with two different Amp Hours (Ah) which will extend the range you can travel from a single charge:

• 5.2 Ah: 12 miles per charge as stated by Emu  (we prefer to give a range like other manufacturers,    9 - 20 miles)

• 6.8 Ah: 18 miles per charge as stated by Emu  (we prefer to give a range like other manufacturers,    14 - 30 miles) 

All of our Electric Bikes are produced to an extremely high manufacturing standard. The heat-treated, anti-corrosive, aluminium frame makes this electric bicycle both highly durable and one of the lightest eBikes in its class.

In addition, we only use top of the range components which ensures all of our bike's will continue to produce peak performance for years to come.

Motor and Battery

As standard, our e-bikes come with a 5.2 volt SDI eBike battery powered with Samsung cells which have an in-built ‘Smart Battery Management System’ to achieve the lowest self-discharge rate.The 5.2Ah and 6.8Ah batteries are also Samsung cells. For more information on the Amp Hours and more, you can read our e-bike battery guide.

Coupled with its powerful 250 watt electric motor, whatever battery you choose you will produce all the power you need to tackle slopes and hills.

Brakes and Performance Management

With an Emu Electric Bike you no longer have to worry about sudden stops thanks to the top-quality Shimano Brakes and Gears system that keeps you in control at all times.

To help manage and adjust the bike's performance to suit your riding needs, Motor and Brake Fingertip Controls are fitted as standard, helping to ensure a pleasant ride throughout your journey.

The new LED display is packed with features that make it easier to manage our e-bike and monitor your riding habits, including:

• Speed display

• Smart battery indicator

• Odometer with single trip distance tracking

• Power assist control with 5 settings

All Emu's come fitted with integrated safety lights that are powered by the internal battery, making sure you’re visible to other road users at night and in poor, low visibility, weather conditions.

In addition, the Kenda Puncture Resistant Tyres offer APL (Anti Puncture) reinforcement for improved puncture protection and grip.

A great deal of design and manufacturing time goes into every aspect of our bicycles, resulting in an eBike that offers unparalleled style and build quality at this price.

For added peace of mind, all of our electric bikes come with a 2-year warranty (excluding normal wear and tear) 

• Battery: In seatpost 5 or 7 aH Samsung Battery

• Motor: 250W Front Hub motor

• Gears: Shimano 3 speed Nexus Hub Gears

• 5 power levels

• Lightweight 16 -17 kg all in.

• Integrated Lights

• Puncture Resistant KendaTyres

• 2 Year Warranty


Fast Charging, Shimano disc brakes, integrated bell, optional carry bag and optional rack.

 Folded size for the everyday commute is approx  L x H x W   30" x 25.75" x 17.5"

Or unplugging and removing the seatpost for bike stowage in a Motorhome or Boat, the folded size is reduced to 31" x 19.5" x 17.5".  The bike frame has a chainwheel stand built into it in order to protect the chainwheel, this makes it a very feasable possibility for stowage as the seatpost can be tucked in alongside the bike. (Seatpost contains the Battery)

The bike can be rolled on the rear wheel when folded with the seatpost extended, push it in front of you in a similar manner to many of the Dahon folding bikes. 


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