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Brompton M6L

HANDLEBAR:  M Type BromptonhandlebarMTypeiconScreen-002   

M Type  Classic Handlebar Shape - a good all round position

GEARS :    6 Speed.  The 6 Speed uses a wide ratio 3 x 2 hub gear giving a very versatile range of gears.

GEAR RATIO:  Standard

MUDGUARDS/RACK:   Mudguards only known as 'L' Models

FRAME MATERIAL:  Standard is Cro mo Steel for Frame and Extremities

MAIN FRAME COLOUR:  Lime Green listed price includes the extra cost

EXTREMITIES COLOUR: Lime Green listed price includes the extra cost

SADDLE HEIGHT:  Standard, Extended (no extra cost), Telescopic (at extra cost)

SADDLE:  Standard, or Leather Brompton Brooks in Ladies and Gents versions

SUSPENSION:  Standard Rear Elastomer, or Firm Elastomer according to preference. Easy 'in house' swap on any model that we have in stock

TYRE:  Schwalbe Marathon (most of Stock Bromptons are fitted with Marathon tyres - Limited Edition bikes are the exception as we have no choice from the factory)

LIGHTING:  Reflectors only - no lighting     -  Brompton Battery Lighting Set could be added if required

Apart from the above items there are very many Luggage Carrying options from Brompton as well as options to Transport the Brompton on Trains or Aircraft