Dallingridge Electric Bikes

Why "Dallingridge"?

Based in Bodiam, a small village in East Sussex, England, the company is but a cannonball shot away from the moated ruin of Bodiam Castle, a place that evokes imagery of medieval knights, Royal disputes and the War of the Roses.

Bodiam Castle was first owned by Knight and a king's favourite, Sir Edward Dallingridge. His political achievements and life’s adventures helped him reach the highest circles of English society linking his name interminably with east Sussex and England.

What better name than Dallingridge, to capture the spirit of adventure and strength of their unique range of bicycles.

They set out to offer a range of tough, elegant long-lasting and beautifully designed bikes to suit all challenges, whether  that’s cruising around the city on the Malvern Hybrid or Harlow low step, hoping on the Oxford folder to get to the station on time or getting off the beaten track on the Coniston MTB. 

Dallingridge has a bike for you.   

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