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Turn your bike into a three-wheeled bike!   Suitable to fit forks that suit conventional 3/8" or 10mm axles and wheel sizes 16", 18", 20", 24", 26", 27", 27.5" 650B, 28" 700C, 29" and 100, 110mm hub width. . Adapters available for small wheel 74mm width hub bikes, and also 12mm and 15mm Thru axles.


The AddBike is a load transport system with a two-wheeled pendulum chassis that tilts and adapts perfectly to the urban landscape.

It is attached to the front of a traditional bicycle, on the fork, instead of the original wheel. Your bike is thus quickly transformed into a reversible and manoeuvrable three-wheeled bike. You can also install a module on the AddBike to adapt it to a type of load. You can choose the Carry’Box Kid to transport your children or Carry'Dog for your pets.

AddBike + replaces the front wheel of your bike to make it a compact and dynamic cargo bike. It only takes a few AddBike + replaces the front wheel of your bike to make it a co minutes and it is reversible! Carry a child, your pet or even your groceries thanks to the adapted modules.

Not suitable for people requiring a Trike for stability, due to reduced mobility or physical impairment. It cannot be ridden with the bike locked in the upright position, this function is for parking stability only.


By installing the AddBike on your bike, you get a compact three-wheel bike. With the unique and patented kinematics of the AddBike, your bike becomes a handy cargo bike with a smooth ride.

On the base of the AddBike, you can add a module dedicated to a specific use: transporting loads, groceries, children… The possibilities of use are multiple so that everyone has a solution to their daily mobility needs. (The additional module is not essential for some stable secured loads, but they are essential for safety if you wish to carry a Child or a Pet)

The AddBike + is designed to be universal and can be mounted on almost all bikes available on the market: electric, standard, folding, through-axle or 20″ wheels.

Instantly adjust the position of the wheels to optimise driving according to use (unloaded / loaded) or your driving preferences.

By using the tilting locking lever, the AddBike + remains stable when stationary. This makes it easier to load and unload the bike and to get on and off the saddle.

The pendulum system (tilting wheels) can be adjusted to change its resistance. So, if you prefer, the inclination of the wheels can be tightened. This may make it easier to handle during the product discovery phase.

  • Weight: 13kg
  • Dimensions with wheels (l x w x h ): 54cm x 68cm x 83cm
  • Tyre size: 20 inches
  • Colour: Black
  • Brakes: hydraulic disc brakes
  • Rims: Aluminum
  • Transport load capacity: 35 kg max.
  • Materials: Compact and steel
  • Chassis treatment: Cataphoresis and painting

Suitable for loads up to 35 kg

Easily disassembled and reassembled

Agile and dynamic driving